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Penelope Trunk

Hey, Jason.

Glad to see you're back to blogging.

There are lots of big ideas in this post, but the one that people might miss: Clipping a cell phone to yourself is definitely a fashion faux pas for women.

Cell phone fashion is a metaphor for the gender inequalities in senior management.

Just kidding. Sort of.



It will be good to see the feeder updated with Jason content again - glad you're back to writing.

I don't have a memory of an amazing patio... but I do have the experience of one local eating establishment that will forever be imprinted upon my brain...

The conference was full of great people and served to validate several ideas I've been juggling in regards to the direction of applicant tracking systems, candidate management systems and on demand software as a service... Of course it is always great to have the opportunity to connect with a few truly innovative thinkers and turn some virtual connections into solid handshakes.


Welcome back to blogging. I've missed your insights into corporate workplaces.

This post has so many ideas, it's hard to take them all in at once. I hope you flush some of the topics out more in the future.

I especially enjoyed your discussion of chatting with Melissa about The digital natives. Your discussion connects well with Tapscott's new book (an excerpt was in the Globe and Mail this morning):

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