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eric shannon


be careful and read up - there is a lot of misinformation about cholesterol out there.
Don't rely on your doctor alone!

I am struggling to raise my cholesterol and have learned a lot about it the hard way.

Check out http://www.westonaprice.org/knowyourfats/skinny.html#chol

my story is here - http://network.latpro.com/profiles/blogs/2428264:BlogPost:305


Johnny Truant

Hey, Jason, great to see you blogging again!

Lara Gardner


There is a relatively new MS program at NCSU in Analytics - the students there would LOVE a chance to do some HR analytics projects for free for a company like Google. I would love to see what came out of an effort like that. Their Director, Michael Rappa, is great to work with.




Well, we won't have to worry about cholesterol or HR if the Obama administration go looking for WMD in North Korea, then again they might not unless there's a lot of oil in NK.


Come to Ireland and watch the HR unemployment percentage go to 15% at present it is 11%.

Our 'informed' Government says it might go to 15%, they have got everything wrong so far.

Perhaps Ireland has WMDs we could do with a visit from an outside army, it might boost the tourist numbers.

Knee ACL

2% means nothing, that doctor wants to bother you

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