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Jenny Blake

And then people read your blog and wish you happy birthday way beyond when your birthday actually occurred. Happy Belated Birthday Jason!

Tiffany Monhollon

Hm. It must be that my still antiquated sense of attempting to preserve some bit of privacy despite the fact that I have identity theft insurance is what hampered me from experiencing this a few weeks ago. And it was a funny thing, because since I don't have my birthday plastered on all my public accounts like LinkedIn or Facebook, I didn't get many e-wishes from much of anybody.

And it bummed me out, even if it was just a little. I didn't really think about it until I read this post, but I think my lack of birthday messages probably solidifies your conclusion as well. So maybe it's time to go more public, huh?

By the by, I just found your blog through Penelope Trunk and am enjoying it so far. Hopefully the Very Long Story about why you haven't been writing as much lately won't replicate itself so I can keep enjoying the insights.

Bill Wolfe

Hey Jason, well now I just feel bad. I only got about 10 random happy birthday emails on my birthday. 50...wow dude, you're one popular guy :)

Give me a call, we need to catch up.

Alise Cortez

Hey Jason, guess what?! I've "tagged" you. Check out our blog to see what I mean: http://improvedexperience.typepad.com/

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