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job interview tips

Very insightful post ! I think these all conditions are fulfill when we are seeking the job .

Thanks !!

Craig Raphael

My wife is the marketing director at a real nice assisted living facility here in Seaside, Oregon and has surpassed the success of the other facilities by doing a few things.

One is the thank you notes. She is a stickler on this. Obviously, it works and so few people do this that you really end up sticking out above the rest.

The other is being original when presenting your business or making an impression.

Example: There was a Chamber Of Commerce meeting and lots of mingling going on. Everyone was offering candy to the merchants for Christmas. My wife didn't offer candy.

That in itself made her stick out but she took it a step farther. She called and spoke to the employees about the people that she met at this Chamber of Commerce meeting.

She was able to find out more personal things about the people that she met like favorite colors, drinks, hobbies, etc....and then provided a gift that catered to that person AND left them a bottle of coke with a card that said something nice, followed by "Have A Coke And A Smile".

This seems so easy to do but she stuck out like a sore thumb. My point is that you are exactly right and this was a great post.


Craig Raphael

Janet English

Dear Jason;

Thank you for your insightful and meaningful comments.

Per your advise, can you please send me the names of the people on the interview team for google.org?

Are they interested in hiring talent to maximize their outreach in the educational, science and technology fields?

In brief: http://tinyurl.com/a9gqvk

Thank you, Jason.

Janet English

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