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Cool story. What I also find intriguing about it is that you would not likely have achieved that level of readership and connections without a certain level of -- what's the phrase -- crutial, internet-based, references, which you have built yourself through your blog, your personal network and your job.

What I mean is that thousands of people know that Penelope / Brazen Careerist is a legitimate and reliable source of information. They also know from her validation that you have indeed worked for Microsoft, Starbucks and Google, giving you further credibility. So, people felt safe spreading the link to your writing on very widely read, serious websites. There's a lot of crap on the web, as well as good, quality information.

This post connects well to your point on the Brazen Careerist today on how valuable a blog can be for your career.

I don't have anywhere near the readership of you or Penelope (at best 100 people a day, usually half that) and yet some cool connections have come from it. People I admire and respect have contacted me -- instead of me going to them (which I might have been too afraid to do). That's cool.


Bulls eye, many talk of the Internet experience but the true one leaves a deep mark. I remember few such occasions where an article over flooded our inbox with queries and appreciations.

Good to see you using google analytics, I was about to recommend you the same :). Keep watching the google analytics for Internet surprises every week.

I also quoted the last sentence from this post for my blog post, "Web an opportunity today or a threat tomorrow, choice is yours"(idealwebtools.com/blog/web-swot/).

I have also added your blog to the Google's blogger list (www.idealwebtools.com/blog/smartest-dubmest-googlers/).

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