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Rowan Manahan

Occam's Razor all the way ...


Very interesting. Is the Hedgehog Concept a widely accepted idea in HR/recruiting/business circles, or is it still somewhat unknown?

Thanks for the comment. I'm pretty sure the Hedgehog ideas is not widespread, but it should be within HR circles in my opinion. Rowan sent me an offline comment about Occam's Razor which is so very appropriate.

- Jason

John Sumser

You might be interested in talking with Scott Dow at the Empower Network. He is working on the develoment of a Lean Staffing Institute. They're getting real traction, reducing cost and friction and implementing amazing things in their customer base.

Christine Calandrella

Agreed. The key to good talent acquisition – make hedgehogs out of your corporate recruiters so they can go find other hedgehogs (top talent) to bring into your organization. But how? Simplify the complex world and processes of the recruiter so he/she can focus on recruitment of talent (the real value add), not procurement of resumes. Identify and eliminate those ancillary, time intensive, non-value added activities like sourcing and responding only to active applicants. Give them one thing to be expert in and focus on-recruting vs. staffing. Do this and your recruiters will definitely drive the economic engine of the company.

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