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What a great post. Reminds me of someone who recently told me that it's dangerous to walk outside in a certain neighborhood at night -- though she said it while she was driving a car, talking on the phone, and steering momentarily with her knee. I guess everyone is seen as dangerous -- but ourselves.

hans gieskes

Hi Jason,

I knew you liked fast cars, but find out now that two wheels + lot of hps works for you too! Last bike I owned, some 30 year ago, was a British Army surplus BSA Matchless bike, one cylinder 350cc, wiht a very big ass leather saddle. Did not go fast, but was fun nonetheless. When our sons started getting into tuning up ther 50cc mopeds to do 55mph through busy Dutch traffic I stopped romanticizing about motorbikes. Big chicken? Perhaps, but I still miss the feeling though!

Good luck in California! Be safe.

Brock Hierlmeier


Best of luck to you at Google. Work hard play hard. Whenever you are ready for some track time at Laguna Seca I'll meet you out there.
I moved to Campbell, CA by way of West Palm Beach, FL. Although we have beautiful beaches in FL there is nothing like riding Hwy 9 to Santa Cruz and track days at Laguna Seca. Make 2007 a huge success!

that's me in the top right corner carving #4



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