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Tim Ferriss

The BATNA is an excellent -- albeit often misunderstood -- concept, and I recommend "Getting Past No" as a more practical guide to understanding it when compared to the better-known classic "Getting to Yes." I give a lecture on negotiating twice a semester on the east coast, and I have found that two questions are particularly useful for regauging BATNAs and leverage:

1. At this point, if the negotiations fail, what is the worst thing that can happen to both sides?

or more simply:

2. At this point, who has the most options?

In almost all cases, he or she with the greatest number of options will have the best BATNA and thus the most leverage. As one astute negotiator once told me: "He who cares least wins."

Happy New Year and happy negotiating.

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Bob from Attract-a-Profitable-Home-Business.com

Excellent point about a job candidate having gained great leverage in salary negotiation once an offer is made. While it would be foolish to ask for something like double the salary, an employer who makes the job offer is now vested in you, so asking for a HIGHER salary could well be in your favor.


I came to this posting by accident and found it to be quite interesting ( I love your viewpoint) and certainly pertinent at this point in time in the economy.

Thank you for this enlightning entry.

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