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Rob D

FYI...Passer Efficiency Ratio was designed by a guy named Don Smith and implemented in 1973. Interesting article I found written about Passer Efficiency: http://www.bluedonut.com/qbrating.htm

Loved the blog analogy as I’m a sports freak and in the midst of trying to convince our leaders that they don’t need to, or really want to, measure every single thing they are asking for…..and yes, TiVo is a must have, especially for anyone with kids!


Football fans need an efficiency measure similar to baseball’s batting average because fans of that game understand how that metric is calculated. If fans understand how a metric is calculated, they can easily grasp the more important question of why it is calculated a particular way. The batting average, for example, offers baseball fans a broadly meaningful way to comparatively evaluate player performance. That explains why baseball fans study and discuss batting averages so widely. Football has no equivalent because so few understand how the passer efficiency rating is calculated, or more importantly, why a particular rating is meaningful.

Please allow me to offer a simplified efficiency rating system: multiply the number of interceptions by 50, and subtract the result from passing yards. Divide the result by the number of pass attempts, and then divide the result by 0.06. I call this measure the Simple Efficiency Rating, and it has worked very well for me in evaluating passer performance. Happy hunting!

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