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Ron Pilgrim

All that stuff about position vs. player was great, but The Tragically Hip?

New Orleans is Sinking? 38 Years Old? Locked in the Trunk of Car?

I'm not Canadian, but you just got way cooler in my book!

jason davis

I can't even tell you how many times I have seen the hip.

"I come from downtown, Born ready for you, armed with will and determination and Grace too"

Canadian Headhunter

Okay! Cuppa-J takes a shot. But a weak one!

He sez I can blog more because although we don't have electricity in Canada, it's in the far north so the days are longer.

There's a much simpler explanation but it's not flattering to me so I'll just note that it exists.

(And, isn't Seattle farther north than Toronto anyway?)

As for the Tragically Hip. I only know one of their songs. Bobcaygeon. Which is a small town in Ontario's cottage country. (I bin there, eh?)

I liked it but I remember thinking it stole a lot from someone else. (Maybe Neil Young). I'll have to listen again.


Touche! You make very sound, valid points in regards to motivation and qualitative factors of employees. What I really was getting at in the context of that comment was starting a commission structure for our third-party recruiting force. I completely agree that qualitative factors weigh more than quantitative factors and I am curious to know how your next blog post will explain measuring value. Thanks Jason! Enjoy The Tragically Hip!

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