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Alex Rudloff

Excellent follow up, and it's great to hear a real world story of a thank you note going a long way!

As we become more and more technology centric, the value of a classic thank you note becomes even higher. It's such a classy, easy way to show that you truly appreciate the opportunity.

Liz Handlin

Great post. I have found that sending thank you notes in almost any situation helps you to stand out. I send thank you notes to all of my clients after we are finished with their resume, cover letter, research or whatever. I think that a thank you note allows the sender to have the last word and to solidify whatever good feelings an interviewer, vendor, or client had about him/her. I am going to reference your post on my blog because I think you really hit on some key points in a very effective way.




Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I am SO sorry I got your name wrong. Such a stupid blunder on my part. I changed it tonight as soon as I read your comment. Please accept my apologies!


Rob Daugherty

Hand written? Do people still know how to write with such antiquated tools as a pen and paper? As we strive to create memorable experiences for a candidate (and hopefully in a positive way), it's nice when they turn the tables and make it memorable for us, too.

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