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bike rider

You shouldn't tell people you got a good deal on a bike from a rep. It hurts the company and the rep and pisses off the bikeshops big time. have fun on your 6.

Steven Rothberg, CollegeRecruiter.com

I recently toured the Best Buy worldwide headquarters in the Richfield, Minnesota, which is a suburb of Minneapolis. They also have a wide variety of food choices available and the person who showed me around told me that many of them were healthy and delicious. I saw lots of people snacking on fruit, but also lots of people with french fries and pop. It is nice to see that Google isn't forcing healthy eating on its employees but is making it easy and enjoyable for its employees to eat well. There are many benefits to Google, but it seems to me that it is simply smart business to have healthy employees as they're going to be more productive.

Jason Warner


You hit the food thing right on the head with Google. I can eat gourmet UNHEALTHY food until the cows come home (strange metaphor to use when we are talking about food I suppose) if I wanted. Google actually offers a wide diversity of food choices, many ethnic options, Vegan options, and everything in between. I could write a whole post on this topic which would be way off the map for this blog. I'm a bit of a health nut, and consider this: the human body works better and most efficiently when consuming calories over the course of a day through 6-8 smaller meals than with 2-3 big meals (which is the typical norm). When one only eats 2-3 big meals, one's metabolism slows way down, which must have an impact on productivity (think 10 am bonk at the office or 2 pm sleepy "I wish I could take a nap" effects). Now this is a little out there, but I bet Google people are more productive than an average sample of non-Google people because they are simply consuming calories more effectively during the course of their days, because food is free and readily available. I'm not sure what the economic value of a boost of even 1% productivity might be, but it's a lot.

Bike Rider: I actually got an email routed to me from the Marketing Director of Cannondale who was thankful for my post. But to be really transparent, I didn't approach the Cannondale rep trying to get a deal, he had a demo SystemSix that he was looking to sell, and my friend put me in touch with him, because it happened to be my size. :-)

Joseph P. Murphy

Life transitions create a flux. Taking time to reflect and re-crystalize can anchor observations and learnings. The one observation I find most curious is defining 5 years as a significant amount of time. Its all a matter of perspective I guess. Regardless of time horizons, the bike sounds sweet! Crank it.

Dennis Smith

Nice post Google-Man (wow, so strange not to call you Coffee-Man).

Glad to hear you are eating your steel cut and exercising - that's what allows you to eat the good stuff (translated as the "bad stuff") whenever you want!

Hey, so what gives here...I get an email from a recruiter at Google about a job? Then, find out that it's not even a recruiting job! C'mon dude - where's the love for the recruiting jobs? :)



Hi Jason

Welcome to Google Recruiting! Yes....watch out for the Google 15...thank God for the 2 gyms to balance it all out.



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